• An Arctic ghost-waxed wallet in Alaska

    Bespoke Leather Boutique

    Kultskins Handcrafted is a Singaporean label dedicated to creating premium leather goods for a discerning clientele.


    We make beautiful things that last. Every step of the process is done by hand. Cutting, dyeing, skiving, creasing, burnishing, and even stitching.


    We impress upon our clients the dedication to our craft through painstakingly precise construction, exceptional design, and the use of quality materials.

    A corporate event for brokers at Aura, National Gallery Singapore

    Engaging Events

    Looking to enliven your events? Our live craftsman showcase will make a lasting impression on your guests by adding an interactive element to your private or corporate functions.


    We create unique visitor experiences by providing exquisitely crafted door gifts and monogramming services for social gatherings, birthdays, weddings and parties.


    Personalisation is done on the spot with our antique Kingsley hotstamping presses which are always a hit among guests.

    Corporate workshops and monogramming on-location

    Corporate Workshops

    Keen to set your team up for some artisanal fellowship? Our 2-4 hour workshops will teach participants to make individual items and group projects through team building activities.


    Our programs promote cohesion among colleagues and improve interpersonal relationships at the workplace. They have been well-received by our clients.


    We constantly strive to improve our curriculum to keep things fresh and add value to the team bonding experience. We conduct for groups of 10-100, both in-house and on-location.

    Luggage tags with inspirational quotes

    Corporate Clients

    Need unique ideas for corporate gifts?


    We provide various designs of high quality, personalised goods for corporate clients, such as watch straps, wallets, card holders, purses, passport holders, luggage tags, bucket and tote bags, wine bottle carriers, valet trays and more.

    Brown python attache briefcase to match python skin shoes

    Special Projects

    We have a guild of leather artisans for specially commissioned projects like retail displays, residential fittings, furniture and other commissioned work.


    Exclusive and discreet.

    Python attache briefcase to match python skin shoes

    Bespoke Orders

    All bespoke products are hand made with the utmost attention paid to the finest details.


    Often, we feel a tinge of loss when an order is packed for shipping because it feels like giving a part of ourselves away.


    (After all the sweat and tears put in, we would rather keep it for our own use!)


    These are some of our clients we have had the privilege of working with:

  • Who We Are

    Kultskins Handcrafted was established in 2013 by Lawrence Ku as an independent label based in Singapore. His vision of material longevity for beautiful leather goods is driven by an obsessive passion to immortalise craftsmanship.


    Marrying traditional and contemporary leather crafting techniques, we embody the pursuit of timeless design with equal measures of form and function.


    Both a throwback and tribute to artisanship,

    our intricate process of one stitch at a time defies mass manufacturing and fast fashion -

    if only to deliver our promise of beautiful leather goods that will outlast you.


    On that note, we offer lifetime warranty on all products that leave our studio. Just because we swear and stand by quality craftsmanship.


    And because, well, screw planned obsolescence.

    Limited Edition

    All goods made from exotic skins are limited to the size of the skin that they are cut from. Once stocks are depleted, the pattern and colour of later products may not match earlier ones.

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