• Fresh From The Oven!

  • 3 avril, 2018 · Bespoke,Corporate,Gifts,Events
    The Journey It's been a long trek since I started down this path. Got a new space, nice set up, new collaborations, a boring Instagram account, a Facebook page that's dead in the water, and lots of orders. I have my work cut out for me. Working towards making 2018 a good year for me... Stay...
  • Contemporary Designs

    In the pursuit of a perfect blend of minimalism and edginess, our aspiration for beauty and utility result in timeless designs that won’t go out of style.


    You'll find many French, Italian and Japanese influences in our design language. Just look at our edges and stitching styles.

    Sustainability of Material Sources

    We import our materials from sustainable sources that use natural tanning methods with lower ecological impact on workers and the environment.

    New vs 2-yr old wallet

    Lifetime Warranty

    We stand behind our products and offer a lifetime warranty for select designs. Check with us on which items are covered by our warranty before purchase.


    Today, most consumer products are deliberately designed with an inherently short lifespan in order to guarantee repeat sales. We choose to buck this trend by creating durable leather goods to withstand less-than-dainty daily use.


    Exceptional craftsmanship and quality materials ensure that your products wear in, not out.

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