• About Us

    Precision handcrafting in meticulous detail.

    Natural tanning methods may take longer and cost more, but leave a lesser moral impact on our consciences.

    What we do

    Material sources

    Kultskins Handcrafted is all about custom, handmade, original leather goods for discerning clients. We also conduct corporate workshops and team building activities, enliven private events like social gatherings, birthdays and private parties, and create a unique customer experience by personalizing door gifts for guests at product launches and corporate events.

    The Hands Behind The Work

    Bespoke luxury goods, crafted with precision, built to last.

    Kultskins Handcrafted was founded by Lawrence Ku, a dedicated artisan, obsessive perfectionist, and a passionate believer in balanced product design to effect a change from 'making people want our stuff' to 'making stuff people want'. Lawrence is driven by a passion for the finer things that go beyond aesthetics, leading the brand to embody the qualities of fine craftsmanship and durability.

    Exotic lizard skin for luxury watch straps

    Made By Hand

    Beautifully Crafted

    All products are crafted by hand, with the utmost attention paid to the finest details.

    Japanese fabric lining for a Minimalist Wallet

    Contemporary Designs

    On the edge

    In the pursuit of a perfect blend of minimalism and edginess, our aspiration for beauty and utility result in timeless designs that won’t go out of style.

    New versus old

    Mil-spec durability

    Lifetime Warranty

    We stand behind our products and offer a lifetime warranty for selected designs.


    Today, almost every consumer product is deliberately designed with an inherently short lifespan in order to guarantee repeat sales. We choose to buck this trend by creating durable leather goods to withstand less-than-dainty daily use.

    Exceptional craftsmanship and design considerations ensure that your products wear in, not out.

    Natural tanning methods may take longer and cost more, but leave a lesser moral impact on our consciences.


    Material sources

    We import our materials from sustainable sources that use natural tanning methods with lower ecological impact on workers and the environment.